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Electronic Update #24


The second time came faster than the first. Barely two weeks had passed since the Senate Web Site was hacked before it was hacked again. It was only this week that Senate staff received a briefing on the first hacking. And as the new attack clearly demonstrates, nobody's sure what happened yet. These attacks will have an impact on Senate Internet use that will last far beyond the short-term defacement of the Senate home page. Increased security measures following the first hack have led to new restrictions on Senate staff posting privileges to the web. This second attack can only promise that new restrictions will make keeping a Senator online much harder than before.

The United States Senate Web Site

CNN - Hackers deface Senate Web site again

2600: The Hacker Quarterly - Archive of Second Senate Web Hack

On Saturday May 29th, David Vitter won a special election to fill the Louisiana 1st District House seat vacated by the almost-Speaker Bob Livingston. Less than two weeks later a reader pointed out to me that Representative Vitter has shown up on the web with his official site. A close look reveals that besides a 'contact' page every single item on the page links to someone else's content. But considering that some members Congress who were elected last November haven't yet made their online debut, it's worth noting that this member opened his office on the web even before opening real world offices in his district.

Representative David Vitter - Louisiana District 1

Vitter for Congress

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