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Electronic Update #23


It had to happen eventually. The list of government web sites that have been the subject of attack by hackers icludes The White House, The FBI, and even The CIA. But somehow Congressial web sites have escaped the attention of online vandals who would bring them down, until last night anyway. Shortly before 8pm on the night of Thursday, May 27, the United States Senate web site fell victim to the work of online vandals. The entire Senate site remains down, including the pages of individual Senators and Committees, and will remain down 'until it can be securely restored' .

The United States Senate Web Site (currently offline)

CNN - Hackers react to FBI crackdown by invading Senate Web site

2600: The Hacker Quarterly - Archive of Senate Web Hack

Not since then Gingrich press secretary Tony Blankley called NewtWatch creator Matt Dorsey "third-wave slime" have the efforts of an independent political site drawn such ire from a politician. "There ought to be limits to freedom", were the words of Presidential hopeful and current Texas governor George W. Bush in reaction to a web site that parodies his official campaign web site. Bush has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission against the creator of the parody site whom he described as "a garbage man". But Zack Exley's web site is enjoying tons of limelight thanks to its target's reaction, while Bush will be left to deal with his less than Presidential sounding gaffe.

The Official George Bush for President Web Site

The Parody

AP - Bush Miffed Over Web Parody

Where was I while the Senate was being hacked? Well, I have a rock solid alibi and (potentially) a web full of witnesses who can vouch for me. I was fortunate enough to join a panel of net politicos at the National Press Club for a discussion on the subject 'The State of Online Politics'. In addition to the live witnesses in the audience, the discussion was webcast live and has been archived online for the couple of you who might have missed it. With the television season having wrapped up in a blaze of season and series finales, you may as well pull the lazy-boy over to your computer monitor and tune in for the hourlong show.

National Press Club - The State of Online Politics

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