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Electronic Update #22


In my last update I wrote about the website '', brought to the net by the friends of Rudy Giuliani and I criticized the fact that Giuliani and chosen to begin his online by going negative against Hillary Clinton rather than by promoting his own candidacy. Now the other shoe has dropped, and Giuliani has unveiled a campaign site that says something about him. In addition to the expected information that is found on many campaign sites, the site doesn't hide the connection to its negative counterpart at, but embraces with it with links from every page.

But the Mayor is also reaping what he sowed by going negative. A number of sites have sprung up in response, including one in support of Hillary, and two that seek to make a case against Rudy. All of them are worth a close look. Who can say how many web sites a single Senate race can spawn? This race seems certain to push the limit.

The Official Giuliani Sites

Homegrown Help and Hindrances

In 1996 the House passed new rules prohibiting direct links from the House Web Page to minority committee pages. Web sites maintained by the minority side of House Committees could only be accessed from the majority's web (see Update #2). But House Democrats reported that the Majority Republicans on the Veterans Affairs Committee deleted information from the Minority web site in an effort to quash their ability to describe a Democratic alternative for Veterans funding in the 2000 budget. I don't know the other side of the story; perhaps the deletions were 'accidental'. And some advice for the Democrats, you don't need 437k for a small black & white photo of the boss. Blame Microsoft FrontPage and then resize the thing!

GOP Hits the Delete Button On Veterans

House Committee on Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs Minority

Everybody seems in on the act of hyping the much anticipated new Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace. The current issues of WIRED and TIME offer cover stories and Apple Computer is promoting QuickTime with the help of the movie's trailer (of course, we all know Luke is a Mac user).

So how could I also also help plug the tale that will give us a look at the younger versions of Yoda, Darth, and Obi Wan? Well, on the official Star Wars web site you'll find a page describing The Galactic Senate. I for one am eager to see just how wired they were 'a long time ago', and to see who will be playing the young Senator Thurmond :)

Star Wars - The Galactic Senate

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