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Senator Trent Lott's background charts and visuals weren't the only hi-tech element to Senate Republican's reactions to President Clinton's State of the Union Address. The Senate Republican Conference created a veritable virtual juke box of Republican reacts available in RealAudio and RealVideo formats on their re-designed web page. So tune in and listen to some of your favorite Senate GOP'ers, and if you missed the speech or need a reminder of what they're reacting to, you can catch a replay on the White House Web.

The President's 1998 State of the Union Address

Senate Republican's Online Reactions

I don't know if I have any readers who reside in Arkansas' Third Congressional District, but just the same you may be interested in what looks to be the first online discussion group on a member's home page. I don't expect many others to follow suit anytime soon, most members would never dream of allowing just anybody to turn their congressional web page into a personal soap box. The venture is fraught with tough questions... Do you censor remarks? Based on what? Are these posts from constituents? Is it a waste of the member's time if they are not? Would it be overly restrictive if it were limited to constituents? Whether they never thought to ask these questions, or have all the answers, you have to admire the Congressman for giving it a go.

Rep. Asa Hutchinson's Discussion Board

Want to follow legislation and the policy positions of interest groups and lobbies that seek to sway it, but don't have time to wade through scores of individual web sites? That's what the creators of INCONGRESS are counting on, and they've created a one-stop policy site that they hope individuals (congressional staffers in particular) will employ as their own personal legislative assistants. Visitors must create an individual account (free of charge) and indicate the issue areas they are interested in, and the INCONGRESS site will keep them informed when related legislation or policy material from one of their 'advocates' (who pay for the privilege) becomes available.


Did you think the Congressional Record is a boring read, or that member's of Congress don't have any sense of humor when it comes to the Internet? Well then you must read this recent 'one-minute' speech by Rep. James Traficant (who also has the best animated gif on the Hill adorning his home page). Sure, it's funny. But beware, some members are bound to take him seriously.

On Rep. Traficant's Home Page

From the Congressional Record(see #2 in list)

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