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When traditional methods of research finally hit that "brick wall," Y-chromosome DNA testing may help in identifying new branches of your family tree. The CASEY Surname DNA Project, one of over 200 surname projects in the U. S., was created to take advantage of this new scientific approach, in an attempt to determine which CASEY family groups are related and have common ancestors.

Scientists have discovered that the DNA in the y-chromosome, found only in males, is passed from father to son, virtually unchanged, except for rare (and random) mutations. By testing these chromosome segments, it is possible to determine if two or more living males are related, and approximately when they had a common ancestor.

mr william henry casey help!

hi my name is Steven peter Casey born 26/08/1966 in Burton on Trent, staffordshire. UK my father is peter paterick Casey born 1946 in Sutton cold-field UK and my grandad obviously my fathers father was born 29 Th of December 1911 and died sometime in 1975 all these members of my family are and were in UK 1 other thing my grandad William Henry Casey married my grandma ms. Mary Helen Richardson who he married in if i'm correct in 1938 in Tamworth staffs.uk. right now down to my reason for posting this is im trying to trace my ancestors as far back as possible to find if there is any possibilitie

New Comprehensive Casey DNA Project web site

There is now a new web site that provides a comprehensive analysis of the Casey DNA Project. It includes five summaries of the DNA results, five different sections on analysis, five pages of how to understand DNA analysis, detailed page of project objectives, a page calling for volunteers, a page on how to donate to the project, several pages on summaries of the family histories (information required for DNA analysis), a page of source files and links, page on how to contact the project and a page on why you want to test your DNA:


New Casey DNA Results Analysis from Robert Casey

A New Year's gift from Robert Casey, delivered via the Rootsweb Casey mailing list:

We now have six Casey lines where DNA clearly establishes that these lines are connected in the last 200 to 300 years. Two lines from County, Kerry, two lines from County Limerick, one from County Cork and one from western South Carolina. I highly recommend that Casey researchers of southwestern counties of Ireland have their line tested with DNA submissions to determine how all these lines are connected. Of the seven lines tested with ties to southwestern Ireland, six lines have the same DNA fingerprint. One line in County Clare, Ireland is not related - but one line with late 1700s ties to South Carolina is related. Two branches have already emerged: Daniel Casey and Dennis Casey (of County Kerry) form one branch with markers 413A=21 and 444=13. Another branch found is Michael Casey (of County Limerick) and Daniel Casey (of County Cork) with marker 449=29. A very detailed updated analysis (two recent DNA submissions just added) can be found at my web site:

DNA Descendancy Chart (Irish)

The O'Casey Clan: Their History

Found on the Rootsweb Casey mailing list, Clift Johnson has shared a great Casey family history that can be found on Ginni Swanton's web site.

Titled The O'Casey Clan: Their History, it was written by Sean O'Casey, Mullingar in 1950.

This information was written in the early 1950's and was provided by Cliff. Johnston, whose wife's maiden name was Casey.
This manuscript was found amongst her family's memorabilia.

Tested my DNA

I tested my DNA at the Ancestry website, but have not matched anyone. I hope you can help with your Casey lines you have tested. Is there anyway, I can use my DNA results with yours? Thanks for any help.

David Casey

Casey Gone Rogers

I was talking to my Uncle, and he says, that our family started out in Ireland with the family name Casey, but then our name was changed to Rogers. He said our family were in Quebec Canada before they ended up down in Louisiana. I wondered if maybe there was anything in Ireland's history that might account for the name change?

I know nothing of the Casey Heritage, where in Ireland my ancestors were. I am hoping to learn more.

Michelle Rogers

New Analysis of Casey DNA Submissions

Reposted from Robert Casey's 12/16 Email to the CASEY Rootsweb Email List:

I just updated my web site for the Casey DNA project. We now have 30 submissions and already finding out new information about all our lines with only 30 submissions. Here are some highlights:


  1. Proved that Ambler Casey and Jesse E. Casey lines are a distinct branch (exact match at 67 markers with unique marker).

  2. Proved that Ambler Casey and Jesse E. Casey lines are an genetic offshoot of the Abner Casey (mar. Elizabeth Bowen) line.

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